How to Use a Free Cash Bonus to Your Advantage

No Deposit Cash

A free cash casino bonus is an excellent tool that you can use to your advantage in numerous ways. You can try your hand at a new title introduced to a casino you don't usually frequent, or you can even try out something new in an old favourite venue without spending any of your own money. Here is everything you need to know about getting free cash from an online gambling venue.

Why Do Casinos Give Away Free Cash?

Most people who have never played their favourite types of casino games online are in for a few surprises once they start to do so. For one thing, they are going to find out that playing at a virtual casino is just as much fun as it is at a physical one, if not more so; for another, they will quickly realize that gambling operators are willing to provide new players with plenty of promotions that include no deposit offers, free cash casino bonuses, and much more! This might lead some people to wonder why gambling sites will give away any free cash at all and the answer is quite simple. casino bonus

If you've spent much time watching television or even listening to the radio, then you know how frequent advertisements are and the impact they can have on your day. Unlike soap manufacturers and restaurants, online casinos typically do not market their free cash casino bonuses in this manner. Instead, they create outstanding promotions designed to get people excited and bring them in the virtual doors so that they can see what they have been missing out on and have some fun. This is exactly why free cash casino bonuses exist, and the more of them that you can take advantage of, the better because they come with many benefits with the primary one being that you can play without paying once you claim a free cash promo.

Types of Casino Bonuses for New Players

If you are brand new to a specific venue, there are three main types of casino bonus offers you are most likely going to find there and be able to choose from. In each case, there is no deposit required for you to win real money. You will even get to keep real money winnings and cash them out once you have complied with any wagering requirements attached to the particular free cash casino bonus that you choose.

  • Free Cash Casino Bonus: - Casino bonuses that include free cash for new players are often the most flexible of all the various types of gambling site promos since players gain access to a set amount of money between $5 and $50 (sometimes a lot more) to use on all their favourite types of games with a few possible exceptions depending on the site in question. If there are restrictions on what casino games you can play, you should still have a nice selection available to have a great time with. There is usually no deposit required for new players to take advantage of these free cash casino bonuses but players should make sure by reading all the available information about the specific promo they are considering.
  • Free Spins Casino Bonus: - Slots players often prefer free spins casino bonuses rather than free cash since these offers are directly linked to their favourite types of games. When players choose to accept free spins instead of free cash, they can try a new slot or an old favourite without having to spend a single dime and that is definitely something that will enhance their playing experience and even lead them to awesome wins with some help from lady luck. Since slots are so popular with players from all over the world, you will quickly notice that these offers are some of the most common casino bonus options out there, and in many cases, it is even more popular than free cash.
  • Free Time Casino Bonus: - Although this type of casino promo is not as common as free cash or free spins, free time allows you to rack up as much winnings as you can during a specific timeframe, which is normally around an hour. Just open the site, get your free balance and start placing bets (only in casino use, not sports).

It is important to note that most casino bonuses, whether they include free cash or not, are subject to terms and conditions, and of these, most people would agree that the wagering and/or playthrough requirements attached to them are the most important. Wagering requirements basically state that players must place wagers that are collectively valued at a specific number - often 20x to 50x the value of the casino bonus plus anything that is won with that promo- before you can cash out those winnings or the free cash provided to you by the casino. Some players run into problems when trying to cash out free cash and winnings before they satisfy wagering requirements because that is a big no-no with gambling operators so it is important to keep a close eye on this.

Promos for Existing Players

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At this point, it is easy to get the impression that most online casinos only have brilliant promos for new players but that is not exactly true. While gambling operators constantly roll out different types of promos with the intent of attracting new players, they are just as energetic about providing loyal players with excellent promos to keep them happy. Existing players - people who already have accounts - can also get their hands on some exciting promos that may include free cash, free spins, free time, and other rewards.

  • Deposit Match Casino Bonus: - With this sort of offer, the venue will match the value of your deposit up to a certain dollar amount to help you boost your bankroll. For example, if the promo is a double deposit match up to $250 and you choose to deposit $500, you will have a total of $750 in your bankroll - your $500 and the maximum deposit match allowed by the terms of the offer from the casino, which is $250.
  • Loyalty Promo: - Loyalty offers vary as far as value and type is concerned. Sometimes you will receive a tiered deposit bonus with each consecutive bonus subjected to a higher and higher match, and in other cases, you may receive a specific amount of free cash with your next two, three, or more deposits.

Games to Play with Complimentary Credits

Once you've claimed your casino promo, you might find yourself wondering what you should do with it. Titles that offer you even-money bets or a very low house edge will allow you to get the most out of your bankroll, and those with a higher house edge provide you with the opportunity to win a great deal all at once. Roulette, for example, can suit both requirements based on the type of bet you play. Slots are a bit riskier since you never really know when you'll hit the jackpot. Ideally, you should find something you enjoy. Having said that games, like slots, will count towards 100% of your wagering requirement, whereas games like blackjack will count for 20% or less due to the lower house edge.

4 Tips on Finding the Perfect Gambling Site casino bonus

The online gambling industry has come a long way from its early days; back then, it might have been a bit difficult for players to find a gambling site to play in depending on where they were located, the banking options they needed to use, and other factors, but that is no longer the case. In fact, there are more gambling sites open to players from all over the world now than ever before so chances are that players could never even finds the time to try them all. However, quality should come before quantity and that means that you will want to choose the best sites for you.

Most players quickly realize that there is much more to finding the best online gambling venues than simply choosing the very first gambling site that they come across. In order to choose the right online casinos, you should consider criteria such as:

  • Funding Options: - There's nothing worse than finding a casino you love and snagging your free cash only to realize that you can't use your favourite mobile wallet or credit card to make a deposit when you're ready to do so. Look at the funding options long before you create an account in order to be sure that it will be easy for you to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Title Selection and Variations: - If you prefer poker but a venue you're visiting and thinking of joining seems to favour slots, or if the variants of poker you love aren't even available, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Bonus Terms and Conditions: - New and existing account holders will find that there are terms and conditions associated with any promotion they accept, and of these, playthrough requirements can be the most difficult to meet. Find a venue that makes the playthrough requirements manageable so that you can cash out your winnings sooner rather than later. Generally, 30x wagering requirements are very reasonable and players might want to stay away from offers with 50x wagering requirements and above.
  • Customer Service: - If you have an issue with a deposit, a withdrawal, claiming your free cash casino bonus, or even installing the client, it's nice if the customer service agents are friendly and available around the clock. When service is too limited, this can be problematic.
  • Software: - Finally, you should check to make sure that the software driving the venue is of high quality - and that it is fair and safe. Some of the best options include Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt among others,

Should you Accept Free Cash?

Free cash from a gambling operator seems so good that most players do not even stop to ask themselves whether they should really accept it or not. The fact is that these types of free cash offers are usually good for players so you should accept them; just make sure to be aware of the requirements involved.

Namely, free cash bonuses usually come with high wagering requirements. Sometimes, casinos can add a rollover of up to 200x, making it that much harder to withdraw your winnings. Moreover, some sites may restrict your gaming with this cash on particular titles. It may include a specific poker or blackjack title. In rare cases, you are allowed to use the free cash bonus on any game you want--both slots and table games. To find the best platforms that often offer free cash bonuses, check one of the top 10 casino sites for players worldwide and take your pick. Because of these requirements, it's always important to check the bonus T&C before you choose to claim it.

There's nothing better than getting your hands on free cash that you can use at your favourite gambling venues, but it's important to understand the terms and conditions associated with it - and to make sure that the casino you choose has plenty to offer. Above all else, it should be a fun and exciting experience overall so have a great time!