Free Cash Bonuses Vs No Deposit Free Spins

No Deposit Cash

Due to the popularity of no deposit promo offers, you've likely come across many sites offering promo codes for either free cash or free spins - but which is best? Here we will explain the merits of the different offers, to help you answer this question.

Definition of No Deposit Bonus Types

Before making a comparison, it is first useful to outline the definition of these two different offers.

Upon opting in, or redeeming your promo code, free cash offers will instantly add funds to a players account. To prevent immediate withdrawal of these funds, various wagering requirements are put in place. These mean players can still test a variety of games, whilst also limiting a casino's potential losses.

For free spins promos, no monetary value will initially be credited to a players account. Instead, you may be offered 'x' spins which allow players to test out slot games without charge. After using all the allotted spins, any winnings will be credited to the players account and treated like normal bonus funds. This means winnings are also subject to wagering requirements before they can be withdrawn.

No Deposit Cash Bonuses free cash bonus/es

This type of offer can range in value from $10-$100, and everything in between. Simply by registering on a site, or applying a promotional code, you will see your account balance increase. Usually eligible for use across various game types - including slots, table games and scratch cards - this promo provides flexibility to players.


  • Have a fixed value, so you know what you have to play with.
  • Bet size is flexible, so you can use the funds as quickly as you desire.
  • Allows you to test various games.


  • Can be used up quickly.
  • Maximum withdrawable winnings can be more restricted.
  • Can have restricted periods of validity.

No Deposit Free Spins

free cash bonus/es

The most obvious difference between the two offers, is that free spins cater specifically for slots players. With this style of promotion, players can expect to receive anywhere between 5 and 100 spins on their favorite slots - at no cost.


  • Ideal for slots enthusiasts.
  • Can result in bigger bonus winnings than those offered by cash only promos.
  • Wagering requirements are typically lower than other promo types.


  • Restricted to slots.
  • Bet size is fixed, typically $0.10-0.20 per spin.
    • So, what is the answer to the initial question? In truth, we wouldn't necessarily suggest either one is better than the other.

      That being said, we appreciate that not everyone will want to commit to registering across multiple casino sites. With that in mind, it is best to consider which games you prefer to play, as well as the specific wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal restrictions when choosing an offer.