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No Wagering No Deposit Bonuses

There are some exciting new promotions happening in the online casino world and it's time that you become aware of them. Many casinos have stuck with the same basic rules and bonuses for decades and users are finding them to be less and less profitable for them. Luckily, some new offers have begun to pop up that should really grab your attention. No wagering requirements and no deposit bonuses are two of the latest and greatest promotions becoming more and more common.

For years, casinos have focused solely on matching your first deposit and determining your bonus based on how much money you were willing to put down. This is a great way to get new players started in online casinos, but you still run the risk of losing much of what you put down. With these new bonuses and no wagering requirements, players are putting themselves at much less risk of financial loss when first starting out online.

When searching for a new casino to call your online home, it's important to keep no wagering high on your list of requirements as this is a common issue that many new players are forced into with online casinos. Before you begin shopping for a new casino that hosts no wagering requirements and no deposit bonuses, you should know the basics of what to look for. Some casinos might offer no deposit bonuses but require high wagering in order to receive the payout. Be careful and read through what they have to offer before signing up.

What Are No Wagering Casinos?

The common practice for a casino is to require users to put up a certain amount of money in order to qualify and receive the bonus they're offering. Typically, this is represented in a multiple of the possible bonus you can receive. A casino that boasts no wagering requirements doesn't have any of these stipulations attached to their possible bonuses. The money you win is the money you keep and no wagering requirement allows you to fully enjoy the game without dropping too much money.

Essentially, this means you can play the casino's slot machines and put down whatever amount you wish to and the winnings are yours to keep. If there are any bonuses available, the no betting requirement will enable you to receive them as well. No wagering is a fantastic way to get players involved and excited to play. No wagering allows for a much lower risk of loss while playing as you aren't held to depositing a certain amount before qualifying for withdrawal.

If the casino you're looking at is offering no betting as one of their promotions, you know that the casino values players and will be open and transparent throughout your time with them. Keep in mind that oftentimes you might run into other requirements you must match before you're able to withdraw. Requirements like playthroughs and certain winnings are common ways of preventing the casino from losing money on no wagering promotions. Free Bonuses

Common Betting Requirements

More often than not you're going to encounter a casino with wagering requirements. No wagering casinos are still a relatively new concept and are still taking hold so it's important to know, if you can't find a no wagering casino that fits your needs, what some of the most common wagering requirements you're likely to encounter will be. These terms and conditions are typically only applied to slots just as the bonuses are.

A wagering requirement is a certain amount of money you must put down on a bet before you can qualify for the possible bonuses available. When you're playing slots, you'll typically find that you won't be able to withdraw the bonuses you've received until you've met the wagering requirements. That will look like the following: if you receive a $100 bonus for slots with a 10x wagering requirement, you'll have to put down at least $1,000 before you can withdraw your earnings.

Typically, these wagering requirements are represented in a certain amount times the possible bonus. You'll likely encounter listings such as 10x the bonus or 20x or even 30x. Though these might seem like a wild amount - and in many cases they are - they do boast a decent amount of possible earnings. The higher the wagering requirement, the better the bonus in most cases. With no betting requirements, you simply receive the bonus whenever you wish to cash out.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

Another common promotion that many online casinos are beginning to implement is the no deposit bonuses available. What you might encounter when searching for a new no wagering online casino is the most famous of promotions - the first deposit bonuses. Nearly every online casino offers this as their welcome present to players and, in some cases, it can be quite appealing. This bonus is the casino matching a certain percentage of your first deposit. If you put down $100, they might match it with $100 of their own.

A no deposit bonus casino offers you money without having to put your own money down first. This avoids the risk that a first deposit bonus offers as you won't have to deposit anything in order to receive this bonus. Typically, you'll simply have to sign up for the website and the bonus will be automatically applied to your account. These bonuses are a fantastic way to get started with your online no wagering casino as you get the first couple of games for free.

One issue you may encounter with this bonus is the strenuous playthrough and high wagering requirements that could follow. Many casinos avoid offering these bonuses as they stand to lose that money and the ones that do have high requirements to lessen the possibility of you receiving the benefits. Before you sign up for a casino with a no deposit bonus, it's important that you read through the requirements that must be met to withdraw your winnings.

Best No Wagering No Deposit Bonuses for Online Casino

Why Choose a Casino With Welcome Offer

First and foremost, as you can see from the pure numbers of what you'll have to deposit from a casino with wagering requirements, you stand to gain more from a no wagering casino. The same can be said for a no deposit bonus casino. Both options look out for the players and host better deals. With bonuses that are only applied once you've spent a certain amount of money, you're only receiving a small percentage of what you have to pay.

No wagering casinos also showcase their care for the players. Their services are geared more towards ensuring that the players have a good time and enjoy the content. Casinos with no wagering requirements understand that if the users enjoy the service they'll come back and the money will be received via use rather than false hope that is offered from a no deposit bonus or other wagering requirements. These casinos have you first in their minds and continue to offer better bonuses to keep you loyal.

Legal issues also tend to spark up between players and casinos who host high wagering requirements. Many players will find that they've spent thousands on the online casino and have accumulated quite the stack of money. However, when they go to withdraw their earnings, they are met with refusal and learn that they haven't met the necessary requirements to withdraw their winnings leaving the casino with all of their money. If you search for a no wagering casino, you're likely going to avoid that hassle which is all too common for online casinos.

Picking the Best Casino for Beginners

There are hundreds of casinos online who are offering a no betting and no deposit bonuses to players new and old alike. Finding the right no wagering casino for you is all about knowing what features are most important. Be sure to read through all of the terms and conditions so you can weed out any casinos that are offering a no betting bonus with other stipulations that put you right back at a disadvantage. Don't be afraid to move on to another casino as there are plenty out there that have fantastic deals without any interest in scamming you.

The following are some of the most popular no wagering casinos that offer both of the above mentioned bonuses. Paddy Power, NY Spins Casino, and Casino Euro are each fantastic online casinos that will offer you these bonuses with little to no stipulations. They each look out for their players and keep your start in mind. Even if none of those casinos match your requirements, don't worry, there are hundreds more to search through. With a little time and determination, you'll easily find the right online casino for you. No Deposit Cash Bonuses


Finding a no wagering casino isn't a difficult task as there are hundreds available. However, finding the right no wagering casino for you might be more challenging. It's important to go into the no wagering casino search with yourself in mind and a knowledge about everything that's important to your online no wager casino experience. While any of the above mentioned casinos offer great deals and no requirements in terms of wagering, perhaps they aren't the perfect casino for you. As we mentioned before, it's okay to pass up a casino. There are hundreds available and plenty that are better suited for what you're looking for. Keep our tips and information in mind while searching and you should have the perfect casino come across your screen in no time!